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Since 1884, quality, functionality, innovation and design excellence is the highest priority for Victorinox. Victorinox has an efficient quality management system that is focussed on the production of pocket tools, household and professional knives. Two laboratories are equipped with modern testing equipment. They guarantee that only martensitic stainless steels and plastics, which meet high quality requirements, are used in production.
To avoid chrome plating of knife blades made of ordinary steel, Karl Elsener II, the oldest son of the founder, tried to develop in a steel mill stainless steel that can be cured. After many trials, he manufactured the first stainless knives in Ibach. Since the initial results did not meet his expectations, in the following years he does great effort to improve the quality of stainless steel knives. In 1931 the company Brown Boveri from Baden / Switzerland was given the assigment to set up at Victorinox in Ibach the first fully electric steel hardening factory. Subsequently, the butcher knife and other knives from Victorinox gained an excellent reputation, first in Switzerland, France and the United States and later around the world.

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