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This Victorinox Diamond Sharpening Steel is manufactured from Stainless Steel which is then encrusted with a Diamond Coating.

This well-proportioned 10” Diamond Sharpening Steel with a Medium-Fine Grit gives a good balance with asymmetrical Handle to avoid concentration of wear of the Steel. Its oval shape offers the user more contact with the rod as he swipes the knife over the rod’s surface. This Diamond Steel will actually remove metal from the knife Blade. It can quickly put an edge on a knife that cannot be sharpened with a regular Steel.

Designed to meet the highest hygiene standards with a black resilient Fibrox Handle and mounted with a Steel Ring for Hanging.

Professionals and budding Chefs alike swear by Victorinox Sharpening Steels.


  • Rod Material: Diamond Encrusted Steel Rod
  • Length Sharpening Rod: 254 mm
  • Grit: Medium/Fine
  • Steel Width: 19 mm
  • Hand Guard Width: 45 mm
  • Overall Length: 385 mm
  • Finish: Diamond Plated

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